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I was born in Johannesburg in 197?, and exposed to many forms of art from an early age. Music, pottery and drawing was either favourite pasttime or a side-business in our family. Several years of modern dance and working as a model further enhanced my passion for expressing myself in art.
Moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town in the early 90s saw painting in oil become more than just a hobby to me. The beauty of the Western Cape, the vastness of the land and the somewhat spiritual influence of the two oceans inspired me to experiment with motives and styles. As most artists do, I went through several stages and periods of expressing myself - only to find, that my deep love for South Africa has played a major role in most of my art at that time. Extensive travels through the Western and Eastern Capes and KwaZulu Natal gave my paintings “that african touch” for which I have been known in recent years.
In 2001 I followed my husband Robert to live in Germany for a while. Since then I was influenced to experiment with new techniques, styles and materials through numerous travels to various countries in Europe and Asia. In addition to painting in oil, acrylics, paste, sand and metals have been added to the variety of my art. Nowadays impressions from a wide range of countries and cultures are melt together to culminate in abstract forms and views on the canvas - never forgetting my south african heritage with all its colourfull richness, esprit and carefree attitude.
When asked about how to describe my style, I can only say - “ its straight from the heart”.


Beside my art, I have many other interests such as designing and making my own dresses, History, Greek Mythology, South African Cuisine, Sports (Rugby - hier kom die Bokke), Travelling and Sight -Seeing. I enjoy the suspense of Alfred Hitchcock as well as the rustic humour of Tolla van der Merwe and Leon Schuster. My musical taste reaches from modern Rock and Pop via  Springsteen and Depeche Mode to the contemporary songs of south african Singer/Songwriter Laurika Rauch.
My husband Robert and I are currently living near Bremen, Germany.

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